Office 365 MFA App Passwords

Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication is not supported across all systems and programs. Sometimes, you will be required to login with an App Password instead. The easiest way to tell if you need to use an App Password or your normal password it to simply try logging in. If your normal password doesn't work on that app, but works on the Office 365 Portal, then you need to use an App Password.

App passwords are created inside of your Office 365 account, and CAN ONLY BE VIEWED ONCE. You can create up to 40 App Passwords and delete any at any time. Here is how you can manage your App Passwords:

1. Login to .

2. On the main page, please click on your picture in the upper right and choose "My Account".

3. This will bring you to a new screen. Click "Security & privacy" in the left column (green), then click "Additional security verification" (red).

4. This will display some additional options below "Additional security verification". Please click on the link "Create and manage app passwords". 3moreoptions.PNG

5. This will direct to a new page where all your app passwords are listed. The screenshot has two, but you can create up to 40 app passwords. Please click "Create" to generate a new App Password.

6. This opens a dialogue box. Please name your password to your pleasure and hit "Next".

7. Your new App Password will now be displayed in this box. ONCE YOU CLOSE THIS BOX, YOUR APP PASSWORD WILL NO LONGER BE VIEWABLE. You will either have to memorize your App Password, or put your password into a password managing program such as Keepass. An Excel sheet or Word doc is not a suitable replacement for a password manager program. Once you are done, hit close.


Please contact if you have any questions about App Passwords.