To access library resources - specifically those which are subscription dependent, such as the research databases - when not on campus, you will need to first authenticate your status as a Concordia University student, employee, or affiliate. Follow the instructions below to find out how!

Written Instructions

To begin, navigate to the Concordia Intranet at http://intranet.cu-portland.edu.

Enter your network username and password. If you need to look up your login information, please see the Using MyProfile to Retrieve Account Information article.

After logging in, you will be directed to the Intranet main page. In the middle column under "Useful Links", select Library.

You will be taken to the library's homepage. To access the research bases subscribed to by Concordia, click on the Databases link on this page.

Now, whenever you open a database, you will be recognized as having a subscription through Concordia, and will be given full access to the information.

Database Access

Once you have logged in you have access to the databases. For a current list of all the databases, click here.

Reviewed by Sam Burich on 9 August 2013