Most university facilities including offices, classrooms and residence hall rooms are equipped with Category 5 or Category 6 network cabling. Most network jacks are not active unless previously arranged with ITS.
  • In most facilities, there are more network jacks than there is network switch port capacity. Not all jacks can be activated at the same time and some activation requests may not be approved due to switch port capacity.
  • Network jack activation requests should be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance of their required date. This does not guarantee capacity. Some requests may still be denied due to capacity.

Most spaces have been cabled for their expected technology capacity. ITS supports a single network connection per network jack. In special cases, ITS may permit splitting network jacks to increase the available number of connections in a space, however ITS will not provide support for network connectivity, performance or reliability issues in these cases. If you experience issues in a split cable configuration, you may be asked to reduce your device capacity in that space or to fund additional cabling to that space.

Reviewed by B.Metzler 11/14/2017