About Concordia Network File Storage

Concordia University employs various types of Network Storage options available to most users who have created their Network Account. While automated access to specific Network Shares may vary depending on your relationship with the University, it is possible for anyone with a Network be granted access to a specific Network Share. To learn more about what the Network Shares are and what the options are, please use the interactive tutorial below.

General Information

Below is a list of general information relevant to using Network File Storage on Concordia's system. If you have any questions, review the articles below.
About File and Folder Permissions
Acceptable Use Policy
Understanding the Distributed File System
Understanding the J Drive
Using your Network H Drive


The articles below outline several procedures necessary for setting up Network Drive access. Should you need to set up or gain access to any of these resources, please review the articles below.
Adjusting security permissions on folders
Accessing your network drives on a Mac
Mapping Network Drives Wizard
Using the CU DriveMapper


Common troubleshooting tips and helpful resources in relation to Network Drives.
Recovering From Previous Versions
Reconnecting your network shares

Accessing Off Campus

Information important to connecting to Network Drives from off campus. Review these if you would like to set off campus network drive connections up.
Accessing your network drives from home
Using the CU VPN Client

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