About Network Accounts

We use an automated account creation system (MyProfile) to facilitate the creation of all network user accounts. This system is driven largely off data found within our employee/student information system known as Banner. The system will automatically qualify persons in banner for a user account based on the following primary criteria:
  • Employee – Anyone found in the banner HR table with a status of A (active) and an employment code that is not 10 (student worker).
  • Instructor – Anyone found assigned to any current or future course section.
  • Student – Anyone found who is enrolled or deposited for the current or future term code.
  • Alumni – Anyone with an appropriate degree code assigned.

About Referral Keys

We have a Referral Key mechanism for issuing network accounts to users who have no information in Banner and generally no reason to ever be in Banner. This includes but is not limited to users such as ELS students, SARC scholars, LAP/MCT users, Contractors/Partners (Sodexo, SCORE, ILS, ELS, HotChalk*, etc…).

If a referral key is used and a person is later added to Banner, there is a mechanism within the MyProfile system for a user to associate their network account with their Banner G# at a later date. This manual process can easily be missed by the user, therefore Referral Keys will not be issued to anyone who is a valid, qualifying user within Banner without an explicit written exception sent to us by HR or the Office of the Provost. This is to avoid prematurely issuing accounts, creating duplicate accounts, or prematurely disabling network access.

Once a referral key is used and a Network Account is created, the supervisor of the user may request that an email address be created if applicable.

For more information on the IT process for new employees, follow the link here.

We appreciate this policy may not be ideal for all situations, particularly those ‘last minute’ situations. We do understand there may be occasions for exceptions and we are prepared to accommodate those when so ordered by HR or the Office of the Provost.

*This applies only to HotChalk administrative staff. HotChalk employed Instructors should be assigned to their course in Banner to qualify for a network account – they will not be issued Referral Keys.

Policy Effective: 12/7/2011
Updated by Steven Quirk 10/3/13