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Navigating MyCU

In this article, we will provide an overview of some of the options within MyCU. The system is menu-driven; to access an item just click on the menu option. Students should be sure to read the directions on the screen, as they provide important information about the data available and any extra necessary steps.

There are three main tabs available for students; Personal Information, Student, and Financial Aid. Employees will have other options.

Personal Information

The personal menu is the section where students can view and maintain information about themselves. Students can change their security settings, their emergency contacts and their personal contact information.

Updating Your Contact Information

Your contact information can be updated in MyCU. To find out how, click here.

Student and Financial Aid Menu

The student menu has sub-menus for registration and student records. There is also a link to the Financial Aid section.

Registration Menu

The registration menu is the home to the student’s class schedule information. Three different types of schedules are available. The student schedule by day & time is in a grid format that shows your entire week of classes at a glance. The student detail schedule provides the information not found in the grid, such as instructor data and room schedule for the course. The concise student schedule shows a grid of all classes that are on the student’s schedule.

Before viewing the schedule or registering online, the student must identify the correct term. As the student moves to other menu items, even those on other tabs, the term selected stays active until it is changed

The options for add/drop classes, look-up classes to add, and check registration status options all relate to online registration. Below are details about this feature.
  • Students can click on the option or Drop classes, if they haven’t already they will be required to select a term. The student will need to enter their alternate/registration PIN which they can only get by contacting their adviser.
  • Students should scroll down to the “add classes” box and enter the CRN for each class they would like to register for. Please note, if a class requires a lab or quiz, the student must enter a CRN for that as well.
  • Students will not be able to register online for any course that requires an instructor or department head’s signature. The “class search” function can be used to view a list of course offerings for a particular department.
  • When finished, the student should select the “submit changes” button.
  • If there are any problems with your registration request, you will receive a “Registration Error” message. If you receive an error message, it means you are NOT REGISTERED for that particular course. Error messages are not retained when you resubmit your CRN.
  • Students can add themselves to the waitlist in a closed course by selecting “waitlist” from the action column and then clicking “submit” to confirm the addition to the waitlist.
  • Students can drop a course during registration by selecting “drop” from the action column.

In order to verify the schedule, once they have finished students should follow the link “student detail schedule” at the bottom of the add/drop classes page to confirm that they were added successful.

Student Records

The student records information menu contains academic history information. The items accessible from this menu include the final grades option to provide grade information for a given semester including a student’s GPA. Students also can view an academic transcript, listing the courses and grades for their entire Concordia University career.

Students can access the view holds option. This is where they will find information about any outstanding encumbrances against their record that may prevent them from registering for classes. Students can get their tax notifications for a selected calendar year. They can also view their Student Bill to see their account balance. There are links to the Direct Deposit form, the Concordia University bookstore’s website and the webpage where students can apply to graduate.


Financial Aid

Students can view their overall financial aid status for any given year as well as their eligibility and what they have been awarded. The eligibility menu includes information on student requirements, information on any holds and a link to view the student’s transcript. The Financial Aid menu also includes links to email Concordia University’s Financial Aid office and a link to the university’s public webpage regarding Financial Aid.