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About MyCU

MyCU is Concordia University's interface into Banner. Because this system contains confidential information, it uses a login in system that is separate from your network account. MyCU is often used for the following features, click on the articles below to learn more:

PIN Security

It is important that when creating your PIN for myCU that you consider the following:
  • The PIN and security question provide access to YOUR financial information.
  • Do not use PIN codes such as your date of birth.
  • PIN codes should contain both letters and numbers, but not special characters.
  • Your PIN will be case sensitive.
  • Safeguard this PIN code as you would other sensitive passwords.

How do you get your PIN?

If you do not know or remember your PIN, you can obtain it from MyProfile. See Using MyProfile to Retrieve Account Information for instructions on how to reveal your PIN.