Devices such as the AppleTV and Chromecast utilize protocols that allow them to communicate with tablets and phones over a wireless network. These products were designed with a home network in mind and because of that will not function on the campus network.. Please see below for more information:


Due to a recent OS update on the AppleTV (version 6.1) AirPlay mirroring works on our network by communicating with your device via Bluetooth rather than using multicast on our network. This is not supported by ITS but you MAY be able to get it working if you meet the following criteria:
  • Your AppleTV is 2nd generation or higher running OS 6.1
  • Your iPad or iPhone has Bluetooth 4.0 and is running at-least iOS 7.1

Google Chromecast

Currently, Google Chromecast does not work on Concordia's Network. If you power one up and connect it to the campus network, you will see an error message stating "UPnP is disabled." That is because UPnP is not enabled on our network.

Google Chromecast uses Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), an implementation of the ZEROCONF protocol for device discovery on small networks. Unfortunately, this protocol is disabled on many campus networks including ours. If we were to enable this protocol on our network, it would result in thousands of devices (anyone who has a smartphone or tablet) vying to connect to the Chromecast at all once. This would severely effect our network performance.

Until Google uses a different, compatible protocol, it will not work. We will update this article if, and when, that occurs.