The print center outside of the computer lab in Hagen offers high quality color and black and white printing for employees and students. This printing comes out of a personal or departmental print budget and includes the paper stocked in the machine. If you would like to use a paper that is a different size, thickness, or color we ask that you please consult the Tech Center at support@cu-portland.edu before printing.

This article will server as guidelines on what settings to use and what paper is allowed on each printer. Failure to adhere to these guidelines or seek help from Tech Center staff may result in damage to the printers.

Prohibited Paper

Below is a list of papers that are not to be used. Using these may result in damage to the printers.If your print job is found to have caused this damaged, and Tech Center staff was not consulted, you may be held accountable for repair costs.
  • Inkjet paper
  • Thermal Fax Paper
  • Art Paper
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Carbon Paper
  • Conductive Paper
  • Paper with perforated line
  • Hemmed-edge paper
  • Transparencies
  • Envelopes

Any other paper type not listed should be safe to use. Once you have determined that your paper is acceptable to use, follow the instructions below to get the proper settings.

How to Change Settings

The printers will have a default setting. These must be changed prior to sending your print job to the printer. It is suggested that for any non-standard paper, you print to the bypass tray and use the Thick 2 paper type. Follow the steps below to find out how to change these settings:

1. Prepare you document like you normally would and proceed to print.In this example we are using Microsoft Word.

2.Select Printer Properties
bypass printing 1.PNG

3. A window will pop up showing your the current settings for the printer. Select the Paper tab.
bypass printing 2 fixed.png

4. Please place your paper in the Bypass Tray and select that option in the input tray.
bypass printing 3.png

5. Finally, select the paper thickness under type. The recommended setting for any paper that is thicker than normal is Thick 2.
bypass printing 4.png

Label Printing
To avoid potential wear on the multi-function device, ITS asks that you refrain from using our multi-function printers for label printing. It is suggested that you use one of our dedicated Lexmark printers should the need to print labels arise. Two public use Lexmark's are available in the Library. If you are unsure where these are located, please contact the Tech Center.


If you have any questions, please contact the Tech Center before attempting any printing. They can be reached via email at support@cu-portland.edu