Concordia's Multi-Function Copiers and Scanners are also integrated into the PaperCut print management system.

This new system benefits users in many ways, namely by reducing the long delay in introducing new users into the copy system. Once a user has made their network account and they are setup in PaperCut for printing, they are able make full use of our copiers and scanners. Also, after a user's initial association with any copier, they will not have to associate their account on any other campus machine. The billing in this system is easier as well: choosing which account to bill to is an easy step in the printing process instead of the complications created through a single copy code billing to a single department.

In this article, we will learn how to setup your account to copy as well as other multi-function features. First associate your ID card with the system. To learn how, follow the steps below:

Associate Your ID

You will need to make a one association between your username your ID card, once this association is made, you can simply walk up to the copier, tap your ID to the reader, and begin copying, see instructions below for the association process. Please note If you have your ID card reprinted, you will need to re-associate it with your account.

1. Tap your ID card to the black card reader that is attached to the upper right side of the machineIMG_2723.JPG

2.It will then tell you that your ID is not currently associated with PaperCut, and ask you to log in to make the association. Hit the Next Button to begin.

3. At this screen you will be prompted for a username and password. Use your Concordia Network Username and Password (what you use to log into your computer/email/intranet) then click Login. If PaperCut recognizes your account, you will be asked to hit the 'Associate' button to formally associate your account with your ID.

4. If you put in your credentials correctly, it will identify you and tell you that the association is made.

How to Copy and Scan

Copy codes are no longer used on campus. Once you have associated your ID card with your PaperCut account you can use that with the card reader. Follow the steps below to use the multi-function features with PaperCut.

1. Tap your ID on the card reader ( if you do not have your ID card, you can login on the touchscreen with your Concordia Username and Password)

2. You will then see any shared billing accounts that you have access to in PaperCut. Select the account you want to bill your job to.

3. Click the physical Copy function button on the left side to enter the Copier mode

4. Make your copies as usual.

6. When finished, click on the Logout button at the top right side. It will auto-logout after 90 seconds if you forget this step.


Having trouble? If you run into any problems or have questions, please contact us at support@cu-portland.edu

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/21/13