Users can modify, and to some extent, personalize their VoIP phone using the web interface that is associated with it. While different phones may have slightly different options, all phones have some general options that can be changed by the user.

Accessing the VoIP Phone Web Interface-CCMUSERS
The Cisco Call Manager - User is where a phone user can make individual changes to their phone set up (such as set speed dial numbers for unused buttons.) The Call Manager requires you to login with your Network Username and Password, and can be accessed here.
To access the Cisco Unified Call Manager:

1) Open the call manager in your browser by clicking this link.

2) Log in to the Call Manager using the login area to the right of the page, using your network username and password:Cmlogin.jpg

3) This will put you on the User Options page. Click the User Options button to activate a drop down menu and choose the
item you would like to modify.

User Menu-Drop-Down Options

Choosing any option on the User Options menu opens that option on the screen. Each option has a toolbar that is unique to that option at the top of the option screen. This toolbar allows you to access and change various settings for the phone and the user's phone account, based on that option alone. You must choose another option form the User Options dropdown menu to move to another option.

Primary User Options
Of the options presented in the User Options dropdown menu, we will be concerned with the ones below (click on the [show details] link below the topic to view its information):
1) Device - This option controls various settings primarily concerned with the phone buttons and the phone lines associated with a particular phone. You will program speed dial numbers here, as well as change phone line settings.
2) User Settings - This is where you will change your phone's PIN. Please be aware that this is NOT your voicemail PIN. It is the PIN you will use to access your Personal Directories.
3) Personal Address Book & Fast Dials - These two areas are where you can either a) make entries into a "contacts" directory that only you can access. It can contain numbers inside or outside the CU phone system; or b) create a set of numbers that act as an "extension" of your speed dial capability without adding them to a line button.
4) Mobility Options - This area is a set of options that will be enabled in the near future. It is like a "roaming profile" for your phone, that will allow you to log into a phone, and that phone will pull up a set of settings that have been personalized for you.

Additional Resources
More articles on your Cisco VoIP Phone can be found in the Cisco VoIP Phones knowledgebase category. If you have any questions about your Personal Directory, or any other aspect of technology at CU, please contact the Tech Center at 503-493-6300 or via email at

Reviewed by Sam Burich on 12 August 2013