About Messaging

Messaging in Blackboard no longer uses the Course Message tool. Instead, messaging is now handled by the Email Instructor tool. The "Email Instructor" tool sends email from your Concordia email account to students' preferred email account instead of the course messaging system within Blackboard.

Keep in mind that you will need to keep track of your student messaging using your Concordia email (via the Outlook Web App) as the emails you send to your classes are no longer stored within Blackboard. Blackboard messaging simply serves as a relay for your Concordia Email.

To Mass Email All Students

Follow the steps below to learn how to email "all students" at once:

1.Select the Email the Instructor link.

2.Select the All Student User option:

3.Compose your message and click the Submit button.


To Email Select Students

Follow the steps below to email a select group of students

1.Open the GradeCenter

2.Put a check mark next to the single user or group of users you wish to message.

3.Click the Email button and select the first option: Email Selected Users.

4.Compose your message and click the Submit.


If you need technical help with viewing files or need assistance from student services, you use the request support tool.

It will open a new window or tab in your browser.

All the red arrows point to required fields. Choose from either Technical or Student Service support, and be sure to include enough information that the support teams can get started on your issue right away. The more information you provide in your initial submission, the faster you issue can be resolved.

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/29/13