The Technology Service Center proudly supports the check-out and use of available media resources. The following policies govern the process by which the Concordia community may best access, and assist us in managing, these resources. More information on the Media Services process can be found on the Concordia Knowledge Base page located here.

Media resources are only available to current faculty, staff, and students of Concordia University of Portland. Anyone else requiring equipment must either have a representative from Concordia reserve and be responsible for the equipment or have the reservation be approved by Tech Center Manger on a case-by-case basis.

Reservation Policies

After filling out the form here, requesters will be contacted within 24 hours with a confirmation and details of the related pick up. All reasonable requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis as equipment is available.

Important protocols to consider
  • Students may only check out laptops for one business day for use on campus only.
  • Five laptops are available for overnight checkout, but requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance due to the limited quantity available.
  • Reservations must be made by the party who will be physically checking out the item; if someone else needs to pick up the equipment, their name should be included on the request.
  • Reservations must be picked up within two hours of the requested time, or they will be returned to the pool of available items for other users to check out.

Delivery of Media Equipment

By order of the Provost, the Tech Center does not deliver, set up, or operate media services equipment for classes or events, except when providing emergency classroom audio visual support and deploying the mobile wireless laptop labs.

Requesters who are unsure of how to use any equipment may make an appointment with the Tech Center for basic training in its use by emailing support@cu-portland.eduand including their name, G#, availability, and best means of contact. A staff member will follow up within 24 hours to confirm an appointment.

In the case of the mobile labs, Tech Center staff will deliver the carts to the requested location prior to its requested time. The key for the mobile labs must be picked up by the requester in Hagen 113 prior to using the cart and returned immediately after use.

Extended Length Checkouts

For students, digital camcorders and still cameras may be checkout out a maximum of 4 days in a row. Certain laptops and data projectors may by used for overnight and/or off campus use but must be requested at least 24 hours in advance due to limited availability, with a maximum checkout of 5 days. Any reservation length extending beyond one business day must be made one in week in advance or have the approval of the Tech Center Manager.

Mobile laptop labs and conference phones are restricted to on campus use only.

Equipment Returns

All equipment is expected to be returned to the Tech Center in Hagen 113 at the time indicated in the reservation. If the Tech Center is not open at the time of the return, equipment may be dropped off with the Public Safety officer at the Information Desk in Hagen 113 if there is no other safe place to store it until the next business day.

To schedule equipment for return after Tech Center regular hours, the requester must make the request at least one week in advance and have approval from a Tech Center Manager or Supervisor so arrangements can be made to secure the equipment from theft or damage.

Late Returns

Returning equipment late, or not a all, may result in a replacement fee. If the fee is not paid, a hold may be placed on a user's account at the discretion of the Tech Center Manager.

Equipment Damages

The department, organization, or person who has signed for the equipment is responsible for any damage to equipment for the duration of the checkout. Assessment of any damages will be made by the Tech Center staff. Users should report malfunctioning or broken equipment as soon as it is discovered to avoid being billed for damages.

Financial Responsibility Statement

When checking out media equipment from the Tech Center, you may be asked to sign a waiver assuming financial responsibility. This generally happens if it is your first time checking out equipment, or equipment is being taken overnight, or off campus. This statement is detailed below:

"Accepting this equipment places financial responsibility for the issued equipment and its condition and integrity on the patron for the issued equipment. All checked out equipment must be received in good order before clearing transactions. Lost or stolen equipment will be billed at either the repair cost or the replacement cost of the equipment at the discretion of the ITS department. Damaged equipment will be billed at either the repair cost or the replacement cost of the equipment at the discretion of the ITS department. A late fee of 10% of the purchase price of the equipment will be assessed for every day the equipment is not returned past the return date, up to 7 calendar days. On the 8th calendar day, the equipment will be considered to be purchased by the patron, and either the purchase price or the replacement cost for all equipment accepted by the patron will be charged to the patron, at the discretion of the ITS department. Claims for damaged equipment must be placed with this office within 30 minutes of reservation start time."

Contact Information

For any questions regarding the procedures or policies on this page, please contact the Tech Center by emailing Our office hours can be found here.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to be trained in the use or set-up of any of our available equipment prior to your reservation please email us at

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