The Technology Service Center provides the following Media Conversion Services:
  1. Conversion from VHS to standard DVD
  2. Conversion from Dual-Layer DVD or BluRay to Standard DVD

These services are subject to the following limitations:
  • The services will be provided on a time-available and first come first served basis. We may not accept deadlines for completion of the service. If a specific deadline is required we can recommend a commercial provider to perform your conversion services.
  • Services are provided only for university owned or instructor owned academic materials. We will not provide this service for personal media and materials.
  • We have limited ability to control the quality of the output media. There are inherent technical limitations to each type of conversion service. We provide no guarantees of satisfaction of the quality of the output media.
  • All services are subject to the limitations of US Copyright Laws.
  • Use of conversion equipment is limited to IT staff for academic & business use. We do not make the equipment available to others for personal use.

The Following Copyright guidelines will be considered in providing Media Conversion Services:
  1. In the case of university owned materials, the Technology Service Center may facilitate making VHS to DVD copies of media to be retained by the university as part of the university’s media library provided that it meets the criteria of US Copyright section 108.
  2. In the case of personally owned material used for academic purposes, the Technology Service Center may facilitate making a backup copy of the VHS media to DVD on behalf of the owner provided there is no intent or belief that the copy will be used illegally.
  3. Any copies of media are subject to the same use limitations as the original form of the media. It is incumbent on the user/owner to comply with all US Copyright and Fair Use laws. Requestors of the Technology Service Center’s media duplication service agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Technology Service Center for any action resultant for the possession, use or distribution of copies of media produced therein.

Reviewed by Sam Burich on 12 August 2013