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Although Concordia issued laptops already have email accounts configured on the Microsoft Exchange Server, student laptops and personal computers require some extra configuration. If you are trying to add your account from an non-Concordia issued computer you will need to add your Exchange Account manually.

Why do I need to configure using Exchange?
Exchange is the Microsoft Email Server software, and since our systems are Microsoft supported, Exchange is the our preferred provider. Also, while you are connected to Exchange, changes made in your Outlook -- to email, the calendar or contacts -- will be transferred and saved on our server. This will allow you to work in Outlook from any machine without the risk of losing data.

Follow the steps below to find out how to set it up:


For best results, it is suggested that you attempt this either while on campus or via VPN Connection.

1. Close Outlook and go the Control Panel.

2. Find “Mail”. Depending on what version of Windows you are running, its location may change. You should be able to locate by clicking Start>Control Panel>Mail.

3. Click Email Accounts.

4. Click New

5. Check the box at the bottom marked “manually configure server settings or additional server types".

6. Click Next.

7. Select the option for Microsoft Exchange

8. In the box where it asks for the Microsoft Exchange server, type krimmler.ntdom.cupdx if requested.

9. In the box where it asks for your username, type your username as you would to log into Blackboard or a campus computer.

10. Click the Check Name button.

11. If your account is recognized by the server, your full email address should appear in the username field, and KRIMMLER will appear capitalized.

12. Click "Next"

13. When the alert box pops up, click OK.

14. Click "Finish"

15. In the Account Settings box, which should still be open, Microsoft Exchange should be listed under your Accounts, along with your name.

16. Close all open boxes and open Outlook.

17. In the bottom corner, you should see that you are now “Connected to Microsoft Exchange.”

18. In the mail folders column on the left, click the + box next to Mailbox-Your Name. This will unfold your email folders: Inbox, Outbox and Sent Items.

19. Selecting "Inbox" will populate all mail items that are currently in your inbox on the Outlook Web App

For Mac

Looking for instructions for configuring email on your Apple Computer? You should be able to connect, download, and respond to emails just fun; however, since it is unsupported you may run into bugs or encounter features that are missing from the PC version. For instructions on how to set that up. click here.


Still having trouble? Email us at support@cu-portland.edu.

Updated by Steven Quirk 4/4/14