Standard Operating Procedures

Receiving and Handling of Physical Business Mail

SOP Owner: S. Quirk
SOP Approver: J. Nairn
Effective: 11/21/2016
Reviewed: 11/21/2016

1. Purpose

This SOP defines how physical mail is to be delivered, received, and handled by Concordia University.

2. Scope

All sites, services, and locations of Concordia University Portland.

3. Responsibilities

  • Steven Quirk (IT Service Operations Manager)
  • Liz Parks (Mail Services Specialist – Portland main campus)
  • Scott Winegar (VP of Campus Safety)
  • Eric Sayasene (Columbia River Campus Facility Manager)
  • Greg Sergienko (Boise Campus Facility Manager)
  • All main Portland campus managers with oversight over physical mail

4. Revision History

  • 7/8/2014 – Initial Draft (B. Metzler)
  • 10/19/2016 – Policy Review and Updates (S.Quirk, K.Veenker)

5. Dependencies

No document or resource dependencies for this SOP

Published Address Directive

Portland Main Campus

The published address for all physical mail communications including but not limited to USPS, UPS, FedEx and other mail and parcel services addressed to recipients of the following facilities will be addressed to the mail room on the main Portland campus at 2811 NE Holman St., Portland, OR 97211 Hagen Campus Center:
  • Main Portland Campus
  • Ainsworth Facility
  • Columbia River Campus

Boise Law School Campus

The published address for all physical mail communications including but not limited to USPS, UPS, FedEx and other mail and parcel services address to recipients at the Boise School of Law facility at 501 W Front St., Boise, ID 83702-7232 will be delivered as addressed to that facility.
This directive was approved by CFO D. Stoecklin 5/30/2014.

Non-Published Delivery Exception

For ease of business and efficiency, it is permitted to use the local building address for the SHIPPING address for any one specific delivery of a shipment or parcel destined for the sole use at a single physical facility. For example, an office supply order may have a SHIPPING address of the Columbia River Campus, but the account, billing, and all other communications must be addressed to the main campus.
Liability Warning: Direct delivery of parcels to facilities without continuous staffing may put the delivery or security of those items at risk. The recipient is liable for any loss of such deliveries.

Internal Delivery

For Portland:
  • Mail received at the Portland Hagen Campus Center will be sorted daily on normal business days Monday thru Friday.
  • Departments with an accessible office or secure mail swap location outside of the Hagen Campus Center will have sorted mail delivered in a departmental pouch no more than once per Monday through Friday business day and no less than once per two business days effective Monday through Friday.
  • Departments within the Hagen Campus will not have mail delivered and may pick up sorted mail from the Service Center desk during operational hours.
  • Any department may pick up sorted mail from the Service Center desk during operational hours.
  • Mail is not received, sorted, or delivered during holidays. Mail services will resume the next business day after a campus closure or national holiday when mail is not received.
    • Mail and packages may be received and sorted during extended breaks, but will not be delivered until campus is open.
For Columbia River Campus:
  • CRC mail pouches are exchanged by Public Safety when they do late night checks at the River Campus location.
  • Small packages that fit in the red bin will be delivered along with the mail pouch. (The red bin will be returned to the Mail Room).
  • Large or heavy parcels will need to be picked up from the Hagen mail room by the intended recipient.
For Boise:
  • Mail is received and sorted locally at the direction of the Dean of the School of Law.

Package Pickup
  • Packages will not be delivered during the aforementioned delivery service. They must be picked up by the department at the Hagen Campus Center.
  • Mail Room staff will notify you when a package has been delivered.
  • Large packages that cannot fit on a shelf will be placed in the Hagen Lobby due to space constraints
  • To maintain a professional appearance for Concordia’s Information Office, all large packages should be picked up within 2 business days of being delivered.
    • o You will be notified if you package falls in this category with a reminder before the 2nd business day.
    • Packages will be kept at room temperature and cannot be refrigerated or heated

Outgoing Mail

  • Any University business mail that must go out same day should be brought to the mailroom no later than 11am.
  • Same day mail received no later than 11am should be flagged as such so they can be marked with the appropriate priority.
  • Regular outgoing mail in mail pouches will be picked up at the department the same time as the incoming mail pouch is delivered. These will go out by next business day.
  • The CRC outgoing mail pouch is received from Public Safety when delivery of incoming mail is sent. The outgoing mail is sent the day after Public Safety retrieves it.


Due to the potential fluid nature of office or departmental relocations between local facilities in the Portland area, only the main campus address will be published to use for addressing of communications. This it to avoid confusion to students, vendors or other stakeholders and minimize the need for change of address when departments or people move or are split between facilities.
Boise mail will be delivered to the single present Boise facility. If additional extension facilities are required in the Boise area, delivery policies may be reviewed at that time.

Assumption of Responsibility

The Mail Room will make every effort to keep University mail and packages secure. All incoming and outgoing packages are inventoried and logged to ensure accountability and tracking. Personal mail and packages are permitted for drop off and delivery to; however, Mail Room staff are not liable in the handling and transportation of those materials.

The Mail Room is not responsible for damage and/or loss for oversized packages that are not picked up in a timely manner as outlined in the Package Pickup section. Due to the limited space, and high traffic nature of the Mail Room, it is highly suggested that users whose packages cannot fit in our locked storage secure their package as soon as they are notified or make other arrangements.