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Lost or Stolen Technology

In the event of theft, employees should report the theft of university property to local law enforcement immediately or as soon as it is reasonably safe to do so.

Employees should immediately report the loss to ITS via support@cu-portland.edu or by phone 503-493-6300. Do not wait for business hours to report, leave a message if necessary.

When reporting to ITS:
1) Indicate the type of device lost or stolen.
2) Provide the date and time of loss (estimate if necessary).
3) Indicate if the device was encrypted.
4) If theft; provide Case# and Officer name (this may be reported later, do not delay your report to ITS if still waiting for information from law enforcement)

If the device was NOT encrypted, you should immediately report the following:
1) Any files on the device not specifically encrypted to protect against loss.
2) The type of information contained within any unencrypted files (PII, sensitive information, proprietary information, common/low-risk data, etc…)
3) The specifics of the contents of any PII, sensitive or proprietary data files that were not encrypted.
4) References to network locations or physical locations of copies of the lost data for examination by the security and risk assessment teams.
5) Estimations of the types of data lost in the case the sole copy were lost with the device.
6) Did the device cache E-mail or other server based information locally? If so, report any information that may have been cached that is sensitive or proprietary.

Additionally, report any peripherals of interest such as printed documents, USB drives or other assets lost that may present a data or information loss risk.