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Java Version 8 Update 161 Installation Instructions

Follow the steps in this article to uninstall a previous version of java and install the most recent supported version.


1. Uninstall the current version. Example below is 6.33.
STS_WORKFLOW_Java_7u45_Installation_Instructions (1).jpg

2. Click "yes" when asked if you are sure you want to uninstall that version of Java.
STS_WORKFLOW_Java_7u45_Installation_Instructions 2.jpg

3. Follow the on screen prompts to remove the version of java.

4. The version of Java you just uninstalled should now be gone from your list. If you have any other version, perform steps 1-3 again.


5. Locate the Java 8.161 executable.
  • Regardless of whether your machine has 32 bit bit or 64 bit windows, download and install the JavaSetup8u161.exe file.
  • You can access it on the I Drive here: I:\campus\Banner\Java
  • java8u161.JPG

6. Follow the on screen prompts to install the program.

7. Click "install" on the Java installation Welcome popup window.

8. You'll encounter the Java Setup Progress popup window. Please wait while the Java 8.161 is installed.


9. You will be prompted to uninstall older versions of Java. Please make sure that all the older versions are checked, and then click "Uninstall".


10. You will see a confirmation page of the versions uninstalled, and then a success message. Congratulations!


Internet Explorer Settings

11. If you're using Internet Explorer, you might encounter and error/warning message. To get around that do the following:
STS_WORKFLOW_Java_7u45_Installation_Instructions 8.jpg
  • If you receive the following add-on prompt at the bottom of your IE browser window, click "enable."
STS_WORKFLOW_Java_7u45_Installation_Instructions 9.jpg

Chrome Settings

13. If your default browser is Chrome, you might encounter the following plugin prompt at the top of your Chrome browser window.
  • click "Update plug-in..."
  • A separate page might open, but will ask you to update java to the most released table version. Do not update it and close your chrome browser.
STS_WORKFLOW_Java_7u45_Installation_Instructions 10.jpg

Stopping Java from Prompting for Updates

14. Go to your Start Menu.
a. Type "msconfig" in the search box
b. When the program name, msconfig.exe, displays, click on it.

15. When the System Configuration window displays:
a. Click the "Startup" Tab.
b. Scroll down to the Startup Item called "Java(TM) Platform SE Auto Update" and uncheckd the box next to hit.
c. Click the "Apply" button, then click the "OK" button.
d. You will be asked to restart your computer to apply your changes. This can be done at your discretion.
STS_WORKFLOW_Java_7u45_Installation_Instructions 11.JPG

Verify Installation

16. Verify version 8.45 is the only version installed an enabled on both the User and System levels.
a) In the Java Control Panel window, go to: Java Tab > View button.
STS_WORKFLOW_Java_7u45_Installation_Instructions 12.jpg

b) Verify both the User and System tabs show java 8.45 (1.8.0_45) as being the only enabled and installed version of Java.
java 8 2.PNG

7. Click "OK" in the Java Runtime Environment Settings window. Then click "OK" again in the Java Control Panel Window.

Note: If you encounter a popup prompting you to update Silverlight, please do so.

18. Close all your windows and restart your computer.

Logging In

WARNING- if you encounter a popup prompting you to update java to a new version, click "no."

19. Test Logging onto Banner
a. If your default browser is IE, then you might encounter the following add-on prompt at the bottom of your IT browser window.
    • Click "Allow"
    • In the Java Update Needed popup window, check the box "Do not ask again until the next update is available."
    • Then, click the 3rd option, "Later."
    • The Banner log on window should now appear. After this, you shouldn't receive further Java Update Needed messages until Oracle releases a new version of Java.
STS_WORKFLOW_Java_7u45_Installation_Instructions 14.jpg

20. Test Logging onto BDM (formerly Xtender) from Banner, if you have this access.