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About Interactive Pen Displays

These devices use the same software and function in the same way as the Interactive White Boards (SMART Boards) already installed in the classrooms and conference rooms in GRW. They reside on the podium itself and use an electronic pen attached to the display for writing on the interactive surface. They are quite large (24”) to allow for ease of writing and viewing.
The Interactive Pen Display has the key pedagogical advantage of allowing you to face your students and speak toward them while still being able to view and interact with your content, rather than facing away, talking into the wall (requiring you to speak louder) and casting a shadow on the screen or obstructing the view of the content from the students. Additionally, these units are easier to retrofit into existing technology enabled classrooms while offering the same functionality as the SMART Board.

How to use SMART Notebook Software

Review the video tutorial on our knowledge base that shows how to use the software. These demonstrations are on the Interactive White Board, but the software is the same used on the Interactive Pen Displays.

Podium Tour

This is how the Interactive Pen Displays look on the classroom podiums. They simply replace the standard desktop computer monitor.
this is power button

When you are not using the SMART Interactive features, the display looks and operates exactly like a normal monitor. The desktop keyboard and mouse will also retain their original functionality.

You can also use the Interactive Pen on the display to navigate. The default action for the Pen is as a left mouse click. Using the Pen in the manner is entirely a matter of comfort. Users can use only the Pen, only the mouse, or a combination of both to use the desktop computer.

The Pen is capable of many different functions, however. These are all controlled by toggle buttons along the top edge of the Interactive Display Monitor. An LED light will light the function that is active; to switch between the, simply press once.

The first function is to activate the SMART notebook screen capture tool. The second will launch the SMART notebook application.

You can also launch the virtual keyboard, and switch the Interactive Pen between eraser mode, and writing in black, red, green, or blue.

The arrow icon will switch the Pen from writing mode back to mouse mode, and the mouse icon will make the next click a right-click. The last button group will launch the Help function, or open the pen calibration tool.

Non Ink-Aware Applications

When you take Pen notes in a non Ink-Aware application (Web Browsers, the computer's desktop, PDF documents) a frame will appear around the edges of the screen. When you stop using the Pen, you will be prompted to save your notes. If you choose to save, your notes will be imported into the SMART notebook software, where they can be viewed as slides or exported as a PDF.

Ink-Aware Applications

An Ink-Aware application is a program that has built in pen input programming. This allows any touch input device to function automatically as a pen. With Ink-Aware applications (MS Word, Powerpoint, and Excel), Pen notes will initially appear like this:

And will be converted into images when you save your document.


If you have questions or would like to schedule an AV walk-through in one of the room, please contact the Tech Center at support@cu-portland.edu to schedule an appointment.