In an effort to reduce the university's environmental impact from printing, all Concordia University instructors are to observe the following instructions for paperless academic communication with students:
  • Whenever possible, instructors should permit students to submit assignments, tests, papers, and other course deliverables electronically. It is the students responsibility to validate receipt of electronically submitted materials.
  • Instructors are encouraged to grade and return the materials to students electronically. If students desire printed copies of their graded materials that are submitted electronically, they print the documents themselves after grading, or provide the instructor with a printed copy of the assignment to be used for grading.
  • If an instructor-provided document is required for class (such as a paper handout or syllabus), the department/program should bear the cost of printing and distribution to the students.
  • Where possible, instructors should make documents required for class available electronically, and permit the use of student technology to access those documents in class (laptops, tablets, E-Readers, etc…)

Please be conscientious of how and what you print!

Effective 3/5/2013
Approved 3/5/2013 - M. Wahlers

Reviewed by Matt Perreault 7/31/2013

to students