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Information for Faculty and Staff

Are you a new employee at Concordia University? A good first step to being successful at Concordia is to get acquainted with the available technology. Browse the links in this article to familiarize yourself with what is available to you as a Concordia student, and what you'll need in order to use Concordia's technology effectively.

Getting Started

The information below gives a brief explanation of what each service is and how to utilize them.

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Entering final grades in MyCU
The final grade a student earns must be recorded in MyCU for it to be entered into the student’s permanent transcript. Within a week after the course end date, instructors are required to login to MyCU and enter grades for each student. Even if you use Blackboard for your gradebook, you still need to transfer the grades from Blackboard into the MyCU system.

Emailing your class through MyCU
Although you can use the Outlook Web App for emailing your class, you can also do this through MyCU. This is particularly handy because, unlike your colleagues, student's addresses are not automatically entered into the Global Address Book, meaning you would have to hand-enter all of your students' email addresses and create contact groups at the beginning of every semester. For emailing large groups, it's far easier to log in to MyCU and use it's internal tool to communicate with your class.
Finding Your Course in MyCU
In order to allow students to start new courses every five or eight weeks we cannot operate on a standard term structure. This non-standard structure can make finding the correct term for the course you are teaching a challenge.

Payroll Info
MyCU is where you can manage your pay and tax information. If you are not a salary staff member, MyCU is where you will enter your time sheet. Likewise, if you have non-salary employees, MyCU is where you can approve their time sheets. Learn more here.