All approved office moves should consider the following technology impacts before executing the move:
  • Unless previously arranged, employees should move both their computer and their Cisco IP phone.
  • In case the previous occupant does not intend to leave an appropriate length cable or any cable at all in the office to which you are moving, you should contact ITS no less than 3 business days prior to the move to ensure there is an active network port and an appropriate length network cable in your destination office space.
  • Employees are encouraged to leave the cable connecting their phone to the wall in the office for the next occupant to indicate the active network port and allow easy connection. In most cases the cable requirement will be the same as the previous occupant as furniture is assigned to an office, not a person and should not be changing without an exception from the Provost and prior arrangement with Physical Plant Services.
  • Printers are assigned to offices, not to people. Printers are to remain in the office to which they were assigned unless otherwise arranged with ITS. If your move requires a change in printing facilities, you should contact ITS no less than 2 weeks prior to your scheduled move date.
  • If your destination office was previously occupied by another organization (eg, Sodexo or ELS, not another CU Employee) you must contact ITS no less than 3 business days prior to your move date to arrange a change in service type for your destination office. Failing to do so may affect your network access capabilities and security.
  • Employees should consider access to power in their new office location. If you do not have sufficient access to power for your technology needs, you should contact Physical Plant Services no less than 2 weeks prior to your scheduled move date to arrange appropriate power access.

If you are uncertain about any aspects of your planned office move, you are encouraged to create a support ticket for ITS in advance so an ITS staff member can help evaluate your needs.

Service interruptions created by employees who fail to properly plan for an office move will NOT be prioritized in the ITS service queue. You are responsible for arranging for your needs properly in advance of the move. In the case of new employees, hiring managers or supervisors are responsible for evaluating the considerations above.

You should never conduct an office move without the approval of the Concordia University Provost or delegated agent for your department, and never without advanced arrangement with Physical Plant Services.

Reviewed by B.Metzler 3/15/2012
Updated by Steven Quirk 10/3/13