How and Where to Get An ID Card

The hours of operation are listed here. You can get your ID card by visiting the Technology Service Center located in the Hagen Lobby.

You must have your G number and an existing photo ID with you when you are coming to get your student ID.

Uses of your Concordia University ID card

The Concordia University ID cards may be used for building access, library checkout, and for Dining Services charges. These features are outlined below. It also has your Concordia University ID number printed on the card. This number starting with the letter ā€˜Gā€™ is how each person is identified in our administrative information system.

Below is a Sample of a Concordia Employee ID Card:
ID Card Sample.png

Building Access

Depending on your status with the University, you will have varying access to building and rooms automatically. Below is information pertaining to what access each card has by default. Should you need additional access, please let the Tech Center Employee know when you are getting your ID card. Certain access may need supervisor approval.

Student Access

All students have access to the Gym from 5:00 am to Midnight everyday. As well as access to the FAB 6:00 am to Midnight.

Only students who live in the residence halls have card access to Concordia Place, East, Elizabeth and Weber Halls. Students living in the residence halls, including the Holman apartments, have access to any residence hall buildings 24 hours-a-day. Access to these are not given by ITS but rather from Student Services. Visit their located in Hagen should you need dorm access.

Employee Access

Faculty and Staff have 24 hour-a-day access Luther, GRW and the FAB. Their access to the Gym is the same as students. Faculty and staff do not have access to the residence halls.

Other Uses

Library Use

A Concordia University ID card allows patrons to check out library materials from the CU library. Please visit the LIbrary Circulation desk for more information.

Dining Service Use

Students on meal plans may use their ID card to pay for the meal. At the start of the term Student Services/IT notifies Sodexo of students who are on meal plans along with their card numbers. Sodexo makes sure their accounts are activated in the Dining Services System.

Faculty and staff have the option of charging meals in Dining Services. The balance is paid monthly via payroll deduction. Faculty and staff desiring this function should request an account be set up with the Sodexo office on the first floor of Hagen Campus Center.

Students who are not on meal plans but would like to set up a declining balance on their Concordia University ID card can go to the Sodexo office and pre-pay the amount they wish to have on their card.

Lost & Damaged Cards

Lost Cards

Lost cards should be reported to the Tech Center immediately. The Tech Center will deactivate the building access for that card and notify Dining Services and the Library of the lost card. They in turn will deactivate the lost card in their systems.
Cards identified as 'lost' will no longer work in the library, building access or Dining Services. A new card can be obtained at the Tech Center in Hagen 206. Replacement cards will have a different internal number which necessitates all records in campus systems being updated with the new code. The Concordia University ID number ("G-number") does not change.

Damaged Cards

Cards which are damaged due to normal wear and tear are replaced free of charge if the student surrenders the existing card to the Tech Center. In this case the internal numbers are not changed and none of the auxiliary systems need to be updated.

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/4/13