Follow the steps below to encrypt a PDF with a password. Per the Concordia Data Encryption Policy, this is required for any document that includes a student's sensitive personal identifiable information .

1. Open your PDF and select File then Properties.
pdf encrypt 1.png

2. A new window will open up. Select the Security tab and under the "Security Method" section, select Password Security.
pdf encrypt 2.png

3. From the top option, check the box that says "require a password to open the document", then enter your password in the section below. Please note: it is ideal to use a password with multiple characters and would not be easy to guess, for more info on creating a strong password, click here.
pdf encrypt 3.png

4. Click OK and you will be asked to verify the password you just entered.
pdf encrypt 4.png

5. You can now save the file like you would normally and store it on your hard- drive or share it with other users. For security purposes, it is not wise to send the password along with the encrypted file to another user.

Updated 3/27/14