In this article, we will learn how to adjust folder permissions. Use these steps if you would like to create a new folder within an existing folder on the I Drive (e.g. a folder within Campus) and would like to restrict who has access to its content. This is helpful when using the I Drive Network Share as it allows departments to control who has access to what folders.

Changing Folder Permissions

Video Tutorial

Watch the video below for a guided tutorial on how to add a user and give them permission to read/write in a folder. This is the most common use of permissions.

Getting Started

1. Either create the folder you would like to restrict access to, or navigate to the existing folder for which you want to change or view the permissions.

2. Right click your chosen folder and select Properties.
permissions step 2.png
If you would like your folder to have permissions different than its parent folder, complete the following steps before continuing. Example, if you are making a folder in I:\Campus and don't want everyone on campus to have read/write access, do this!

3.To do this, open the folder's Security tab, and click Advanced.
permissions 1.PNG

4. In the Advanced window, click the Change Permissions button.
permissions step 10.png

5. In the next window, uncheck the option to Include inheritable permissions from this object's parent. Click OK to confirm your changes.
permissions step 11.png

6. You will be prompted to either Add or Remove inherited permissions. Choose ADD to copy all the existing permissions and make them editable Do not click remove.
permissions step 12.png

7. Back in the Security tab, you should see all the users and groups as before. However, now you can edit the settings for each group on the folder. DO NOT REMOVE ANY PERMISSIONS FROM DOMAIN ADMINS OR ADMINISTRATORS. DOING THIS IS AGAINST NETWORK POLICY AND MAY MAKE IT DIFFICULT TO RECOVER YOUR FILES IN THE EVENT OF A DATA LOSS EVENT.
permissions step 13.png

8. To learn how to add and adjust access to users, proceed to the next section.

Adding User Permission

1. In the window the properties window, navigate to the Security tab.

2. Click Edit to change permissions
permissions step 4.png

3. Add the users you would like to have access to this folder. To do this, click Add. Make sure you include yourself!
permissions step 5.png

4. Type their network username into the text field, then click OK.
permissions step 6.png

5. You should now see their name appear in the list

6. To give them access, click their name and check the boxes next to the permissions you would like them to have in the Allow column. Then click OK. For more information on what each permission does, click here.
permissions step 8.png

7 That's it! The permissions should be set. Have the user you added test to see if they have access to what they need to do. You can go back and adjust if needed.

Adjusting Permissions

To adjust permissions of a user who already has access to a folder, repeat steps 8-13 in the written instructions.


If you have any questions or problems about setting folder/file permissions, please contact the Technology Center via email at support@cu-portland.edu

Updated by Steven Quirk 3/3/14