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For Typical Users

In order to request access to Workfront for you and your team you will first need to find out what kind of account is required. For the majority of Workfront users a 'Review' account is what is needed. To get a Review account created simply send a request to banner@cu-portland.edu to open a ticket and a Workfront administrator will create that account.

For Project Managers

If you are working in a role of project management and will need to create multiple projects for your department or team there is an additional per month cost that will need to be approved. A breakdown of Workfront's pricing structure can be found at this link: http://www.workfront.com/pricing/

If this is approved as a line item in your department's budget then please send that approval along with your request for an account to banner@cu-portland.edu

Licensing Structure

If you require the ability to create new projects then a 'Plan' license will be what you need, however virtually the same functionality ( once a project is created ) can be gained through a 'Work' license at a lower cost.

More information about each License Type in Workfront can be found at this help article:

access levels.png