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In order to allow students to start new courses every five or eight weeks we cannot operate on a standard term structure. This non-standard structure can make finding the correct term for the course you are teaching a challenge. Please follow the steps below to find your course.

1. Find your Blackboard course ID. You can find this in your course list in Blackboard or in the course menu. The example below shows the course ID 20134040088. The Blackboard course ID is a combination of two numbers, the term code and the Course Record Number (CRN). You will use the term code numbers to find your course in MyCU.
find course 1.jpg

2. Determine which term code your course is associated with

  1. The first four digits represent the academic year. 2013, for example, is May 2012 – May 2013.
  2. The next two digits represents the term (10=summer, 20=fall, 40=spring).
  3. The term code is a combination of the academic year and term
  4. The last five digits are the CRN.

3. If needed, use the chart below to determine which term description you should look for in MyCU. For example, the example term, 201340 is Spring Semester 2013.
Spring Semester 2017
Fall Semester 2016
Summer Semester 2016
Spring Semester 2016
Fall Semester 2015
Summer Semester 2015
Spring Semester 2015
Fall Semester 2014
Summer Semester 2014
Spring Semester 2014
Fall Semester 2013
Summer Semester 2013
Spring Semester 2013

4. Log into MyCU using your G number and PIN. Navigate to the Faculty Services Tab, click on Term Selection and select your term from the available drop box and click submit. From the Faculty Services Tab continue by choosing the menu item that applies to your need. If you need to switch between terms, (it is entirely possible that you could be teaching in two different terms at the same time), return to the Faculty Services tab and change your term selection.
find course 2.jpg

5. If the term you are looking for is not available email