Fax Machines Support Policy

This policy applies to all fax machines.

Fax machines are purchased and maintained by departments per the Fax Machine Provisioning policy. Concordia ITS support is limited to the dial tone provided to the fax machine for connectivity and transmission of faxes.

  • ITS will verify working dial tone as provided by a VoIP network-to-analog dial tone adapter.
  • ITS will test dialing ability of the fax line only.
  • ITS is unable to support issues with the transmission of fax communications on the VoIP system. The network-to-analog adapters are not certified by the manufacturer for Fax or Modem use. Users may experience issues when sending fax transmission, particularly when attempting to send large faxes (60-100 pages or more), due to the technical limitation of these network-to-analog adapters.

This policy is effective 7/1/2009