University owned fax machines are to be used for official university fax communications only. Student and personal use of fax machines can be done from the Information/Duplicating Office for a small fee. Rates and usage information are available in that office.


All university fax machines are to be Laser type devices. This is due to the increased volume in incoming fax traffic to campus and the cost of faxes being printed from inkjet fax machines. All existing inkjet fax machines may continue to be used until an equipment failure or end of product life dictate replacement. Laser fax machines can be obtained for a cost similar or less than inkjet fax devices and are significantly less expensive to the university to operate.

ITS Infrastructure should be consulted before any purchase of a fax machine for university use.

Provisioning of Fax Lines

Due to the number of existing fax machines/lines available on campus and a shortage of available phone numbers, a moritorium has been placed on the provisioning of new fax lines until further notice. Please use one of the fax machines in your department or geographically located near your office.

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/3/13