While all Smartphones that have the ability to access an exchange account may have a different interface for setting the account up, they all require the same information. To connect your new Smartphone to your CU exchange email account, use these settings:

Current Settings for Most Users (as of August 2016):

Pre - Office 365 Settings
  • Account Type: Exchange
  • Your email address:
  • Server:
    • Staff and Faculty: webmail.cu-portland.edu
    • Students : mail2.cu-portland.edu
  • Domain: ntdom (NOTE: if your phone does not have a 'Username' field, add \yourusername after ntdom)
  • Username: your network username (NOTE: if you phone does not have a 'Domain' field, add ntdom\ before your username)
  • Password: your network password
  • SSL: This option should be enabled

The locations of these settings will vary depending on the phone type you are using. Given the vast amount of phones available, it is not possible for Concordia IT to provide exact information for every phone. Using the information above you should be able to configure any phones. If you are having problems using the information provided, contact your wireless service provided.