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Entering Final Grades in MyCU

At the end of every semester, final grades must be submitted to the Registrar via MyCU. This is a different process than submitting assignment grades into Blackboard.

Final grades are due to the Registrar by the Wednesday after the final day of the semester.

Failing Grades

Having problems entering a failing grade? Click here for steps on how to resolve that issue.

Entering Final Grades

Follow the steps below to learn how to enter final grades:

1. Log in to MyCU. If you have forgotten your MyCU PIN, you can retrieve it HERE.

2. From the Main Menu, select Faculty and Advisors.
final grades 1.png

3. From the available options, select Final Grades.
final grades 3.png

4. The Select Term screen will display. Select [most recent semester] from the drop down list and click on the Submit button.
5. You will then be prompted to select from the courses your are teaching for that semester. Choose the course from the drop down list.
6. Click on Submit. The Final Grade Worksheet screen will display. A portion of that screen without the instructor Name and ID number is shown next.

7. Please notice the warning message. Grades are not saved until you press the submit button. The submit button can be used multiple times.

For confidentiality purposes only the full heading of the section of the page where the students in the course is shown:

grades6 v2.png
Note that for this class the first 25 students will display on the first page, but there are additional students. Click on the 26-27 link for the remaining students (if any).

For each student select the grade the student is to receive from the drop down list. There are the standard letter grades of: A, A-, B+, B, B- …; pass and no pass (P, NP) and corresponding incomplete grades for each of the above grades: IC means an incomplete that will revert to a grade of C by no later than the end of the next semester. (The instructor can communicate a specific time frame to the student, but it cannot extend beyond on semester. ) If the student completes the course requirements in the appointed time, the instructor needs to submit a grade change form. They cannot make a grade change via My.CU after the Registrar has posted grades.

The Last Attended Date column is not required. If you have a student on your grade roster who have not attended please contact the Registrar.