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Concordia University permits employees to use university print devices for personal use through the implementation of private employee print balances. Employee print balances serve the function of enabling employees to print personal materials in a way that is convenient, cost-effective, and responsible without added cost to department accounts.

ITS encourages employees who do not print frequently to avoid the investment in a costly home printer, and thus grants a one-time $10 print credit to each full-time employee. All employees, full-time or part time may add additional money to this personal printing account either with Cash/Coin or Credit/Debit using the pay station available in Hagen Center.

Please note:
  • Personal printing billed to department or program accounts is stealing. Use your personal account for personal printing.
  • For employees who are also students, you will have both the per-semester student print quota as well as a personal “cash” account available. This is true for all students. However your personal “cash” account will have the one-time $10 grant already present if you are a Full-time employee. Personal print jobs use the student quota first before consuming your from your personal “cash” balance.
  • We are unable to refund any money applied to a personal “cash” account for any reason. Please only add to your personal balance the amount you intend to use.
  • It is the personal and ethical responsibility of each employee to add to their balance for personal printing once the $10 has been depleted.
  • Click here for instructions on adding to your personal balance.

Please direct any questions about this change in policy and/or its implementation to support@cu-portland.edu.

Track Your Balance

Employees can keep track of their personal balances in several ways.

Through the desktop widget:
  • Double click system tray icon to enable it. Must have the PaperCut Client installed and running.

Through the PaperCut client running in their system tray:
  • Hover to view balance. Must have the PaperCut Client installed and running.

By logging into a multifunction printer on campus:
  • Log into printer or swipe card
  • Select 'Use Device Functions'
  • Select Personal Account
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Through the PaperCut web portal:
  • Navigate to papercutappcluster:9191/user
  • Log in with Concordia network username and password
  • View summary

Effective 6/x/2013
Approved 6/5/2013 by B. Metzler
Updated by Steven Quirk 11/20/13