Instant Messaging (IM) is a useful real-time communication tool. At Concordia University Portland the use of IM is permitted for both internal communication and communication with external stakeholders. The following guidelines and limitations should be observed:


  • All IM accounts used for university communication should be established using your Concordia University E-mail address.
  • You must make your credentials for university IM accounts available to your supervisor.
  • You may not take your IM accounts established for university business with you when you leave the employment of Concordia University.
  • University IM accounts should not be used for personal communications beyond that included in the university AUP.
  • The university does not presently support any specific IM protocol. It is up to individual users and departments to determine which IM protocols best fit their needs.
  • All legal and regulatory rules must be observed in the use of IM.
  • IM is not a confidential transport and should not be used for communicating confidential information.
  • All IM history or log files should be handled consistent with your department’s policy on data retention or as required by law.


  • For internal communications, the ITS team presently uses the Skype protocol.
  • The ITS Team recommends the use of the free multi-protocol IM clients Trillian or Pidgin. These clients use less resource, are less invasive with advertising and generally experience fewer issues with security updates than commercial client offered by the protocol owners themselves.
  • ITS uses a standard naming convention for accounts (username + cupdx such as “jdoecupdx”) for more easily identifying other users and avoiding potentially questionable usernames.
  • ITS requires all staff to be signed in to IM while on-duty to promote effective communication between different physical offices and telecommuting team members.

*These guidelines are used by ITS and are suggestions for other departments but not requirements.

Reviewed by B.Metzler 8/1/2013
Approved by M.Wahlers 10/31/2012