In an effort to encourage innovation and forward thinking technology use, Concordia University Portland does not strictly prohibit the use of “Cloud” based services by employees where an existing supported service or solution is not already offered by IT.
  • Users should consult with IT prior to initiating the use of a Cloud service to validate that an existing solution is not already available.
  • Employees are required to use their official Concordia University Portland E-mail address when signing up for any business use cloud services. This permits IT to take control of or access such resources using the service’s password or access recovery by E-mail feature.
  • Any service that does not provide for password or access recovery by E-mail may only be used if the credential is provided to ITS or to the employee’s supervisor.
  • Cloud services for university business should not be shared with personal use.
  • Employees may not change the E-mail address or take any action upon termination of employment that may prevent Concordia University Portland IT from accessing the university data contained on the Cloud service.
  • Update 3/27/2014: Users should refer to Concordia’s Data Encryption Policy when considering a Cloud service for the storage or transport of sensitive or PII information.

Reviewed 8/24/2014 (B. Metzler)
Effective 10/31/2012 (M. Wahlers)