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Emailing Students in MyCU

The Summary Class List contains a link that will submit and email to the entire class (providing each student has an email address marked as their Preferred email address). Follow the steps below to send emails from within MyCU:

1.The main menu will present you with the options you are authorized to access. Click your mouse on “Faculty & Advisors” to get the options available for Faculty. Select from one of the below options to access the information needed to email students.

  • Term Selection Screen - Use the drop down to select the term. Access to past and future terms may not be available at all times. The current term will always be available.
  • CRN Selection Page - Use the drop down to select the CRN from the list of courses you are teaching for the specified term.
  • Summary Class List - This form provides summary information on the course and brief information on each student enrolled in the course.

Note: The ‘Term Selection’ and ‘CRN Selection’ menu items are used to identify the term and course you desire to focus on. If you initially select Summary Class List without first selecting a term and CRN you will be stepped through those items before you see the class list. Once you have selected a term or CRN it will be the default term or CRN until you select a different Term or CRN.

2. The name of each student is a hyperlink and you can select a student to view additional information on that student. On the far right you will seen an envelope icon. Clicking on this icon will show an individual email address of that student in your preferred email client.

If you want to email the entire class, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Email Class” button.

3. Type and send your email!