Mandatory Use

All Concordia University Employees are required to use their Concordia University official Email address for all Concordia University related business and academic Email communications.

Proper Email Account Use

University Email services are not to be used for any commercial activity unrelated to Concordia University business or for any activities that are illegal or would not be consistent with the values and mission of the university. Concordia University Email services should not be used for your primary personal Email communications.

Policy for Sending Emails to “ALL” Campus, Faculty, Staff, Student

Please contact your department head and coordinate with Concordia’s internal communications function (x8550) before sending an “ALL” email to faculty, staff or students. For more Ways to Connect at CU, click HERE.

Storage Limits

Employee E-mail accounts are limited to maximum server storage capacity of 10GB.

Effective 12/30/2008
Updated by M. Turnock on 7/28/2015