Email Filtering
Concordia University employs E-mail filtering technology to assist in protecting the university’s electronic communications and networks from various incoming threats including spam and computer viruses. Concordia’s E-mail filtering technology adheres to best business practice standards.

Email/Spam Filtering Standards
Concordia University implements the following standards:

Concordia University does not practice whitelisting. Senders meeting the above Email/Spam Filtering Standards should not encounter any issues when sending email to the domain. If issues are encountered it is recommended that the sender review the above standards and verify that they meet the required thresholds. Exceptions should be reported to for additional diagnostics and root cause analysis.

Concordia University may implement additional manual blacklisting in the case of special exceptions or abuse.

Safe Senders

If a domain is not blacklisted, but you are having issues with legitimate email messages going to junk, we suggest you set those domains to your "safe sender" list. This article will show you how: Setting Safe Senders List.

Effective 4/3/2010
Policy Reviewed by {Pending Administrative Approval}
Updated by J. Flowers (3/31/2015)