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DocuSign is an online service used by Concordia University to provide secure online signature and document approval workflows. Using this product provides us access to document tracking, defining process workflow, secure signatures, as well as promoting our paperless initiative by reducing the need to print docuemnts.

If your position requires access to DocuSign, you will receive an invitation to join by one of our administrators. If you believe you should have access to DocuSign, but have not received an invitation yet, please contact our administrators at support@cu-portland.edu and request access.

Note: you do not need a DocuSign account to approve or collaborate on an existing document. An account is only required if you are creating a document.

If you are a document creator, or even just a viewer, you can use some of the resources below to learn how to use DocuSign.

Activating Your Account

If you authorized to create an account and have received an invitation email, follow the steps below to activate your account and configure your digital business card with DocuSign.

1. You will receive an invitation from one of our administrators in your email inbox titled "Account Activation" that looks like this. Click on the yellow "Activate" button to proceed.
docusign account activation.png
screenshot account invitation email

2. You will be redirected to your default browser and asked to create a password and create a security question. Click Activate once you have all that information in.
docusign 1.png
screenshot of account activation screen

3. You will receive a success message when you are done and will be taken to the main account page.
docusign 2.png
screenshot of successful account creation page

Using DocuSign

Articles for help learning the basics of DocuSign can be found on DocuSign's Website. For articles and guides related to features you are likely to use while serving Concordia, review the information below.

Signing a Document

The most basic function of DocuSign is to sign documents that have been sent to you. If you are needing additional help in signing a document, review DocuSign's Basic Signing Instructions Article.

Accessing Your Account

If you need help accessing your account after you have activated it, check out the DocuSign Log In Instructions.

Managing Your Account

Your account should be treated like an online business card. As such, you should take the time to personalize your identity. Follow the steps in DocuSign's Manage Your Identity Article for steps on how to set access and set up your account with personal information.

Creating a Template

Requesting Signatures (Sending)

Once you have a document that needs signatures, you will need to upload it to DocuSign, add fields, then send it to the appropriate stakeholders. DocuSign's Sending Document Guide will walk you through this process. Check it out for help with sending documents and requesting signatures!

Managing Your Documents

Once you start sending and receiving documents, you will need to view, print, or edit documents that have been send to you. You can also create folders, download and view the status of documents.

For more details on managing documents, visit DocuSign's Managing Document Support Page.


Support for most aspects of DocuSign are covered by their support team. They have great self-help resources that you may have already referenced from this article but also can be contact via phone, chat, or email if you are needing assistance. Review the information below for more details on how to contact technical support for DocuSign.

Password Reset and Sign In Issues

If you are having issues signing in, follow the steps below to reset your password:

1. From the log in screen, click Forgot your password?
docusign reset 1.png
screenshot of DocuSign log in page

2. Enter the email address you used when you activated your account and click SEND. In most cases, this is your CU address. If you are not sure what your email address is, contact us at support@cu-portland.edu to check on your access.
docusign reset 2.png
Screenshot of DocuSign password reset screen

3. You will receive an email in your inbox with instructions on how to reset your password. Click the Reset Password button in your email to be redirected to DocuSign's password reset screen. Answer the security questions and follow the rest of the instructions to reset your password.
docusign reset 3.png
Preview of DocuSign password reset email

4. Once you have reset your password, use the new password to sign into DocuSign!

If you are still unable to sign into your account, please contact DocuSign Support for further assistance.


Having issues finding out how to use a feature in DocuSign that is not covered in our wiki? Check out DocuSign's Support Website for many more technical articles.

Contacting Support

Not finding the help you are looking for? DocuSign support is available via phone, chat, and email by visiting their Contact Support Page.