The ITSI department is implementing a Distributed File System for network file storage. A Distributed File System (DFS) is a method by which files can be stored on a network in such a way as to allow for the most efficient use of network space. DFS is scalable, and provides both redundancy and load sharing capabilities. This move will allow the ITSI department to more efficiently manage our network storage space as CU grows.

What is DFS?

In a DFS system, a symbolic name is put in place between the user and the actual location of the share. The path that is attached to this symbolic name now becomes relative. The path can be changed when it needs to be, without changing the path's name.
Shares can be spanned across many servers, allowing for not only the redundancy of shares, but for the more efficient use of file storage space. Many things can be done in the background (new storage space added, or the locations of that storage space changed) without the user be aware of them. And this can all be accomplished much more quickly and with much less trouble than under CU's previous system.

CU's New Naming Convention for Network Storage using DFS

Department Shares: \\ntdom.cupdx\Storage1\mall\yourdepartmenthere
All Users: \\ntdom.cupdx\Storage1\allusers
Employee Shares: \\ntdom.cupdx\FS-Storage1\usersc\username
Student Shares: \\ntdom.cupdx\FS-Storage1\userss\username

Troubleshooting Share Connectivity Issues

Troubleshooting access issues with your network shares is relatively easy. Most issues can be solved by re-running the log on script that connects you to your network shares. To do this. please review the article here.

Updated by Steven Quirk 10/10/13