This article outlines the process and policy pertaining to the ordering and inventory of new iPads to be distributed to on ground students by individual departments and not ITS. This is for campus-based students and no way affects HotChalk distribution of iPads to online students.

1) One (1) person per college will be designated to send orders to ITS by emailing support@cu-portland.edu no later than one calendar month before the date the units will be required/picked up by departments.
2) IT will validate the number of requested units is available in inventory
3) If required, IT will work with a vendor to create a quote. When the quote is verified as correct, IT will notify Finance to order units from Apple as needed to maintain IT inventory levels.
4) A representative from the requesting college will pick up orders from ITS no more than 10 days before the specified pickup date.


  • IT will maintain an in-box inventory only. Programs requiring out-of-box iPads with pre-loaded apps or custom configuration will be responsible for un-boxing and performing those services (either themselves or through a contracted provider).
  • iPads will be distributed to students by program requesting the iPads at which point ownership will revert to the student.
  • ITS will provide the same level of support to university distributed iPads owned by students as any other personally owned mobile devices utilized by students. (This includes networks connectivity and email configuration. A best effort attempt will be made on any other request). For more information on iPad support can be found here.
  • The model of iPad to be ordered to maintain inventory is determined by Finance. Current model is iPad Air 32 GB Wi-Fi.
  • Changes to the model type to be inventoried must be approved by Finance
  • All inventory will be maintained with FIFO inventory accounting methodology
  • No engraving or physical customization is permitted.

Effective Nov. 14th, 2013 by Brad Metzler