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Data Storage on University Owned Hardware Policy

University issued hardware is provided to enable users to achieve work objectives requiring technology.

The storage of incidental personal data is not strictly prohibited on university owned hardware, however this exemption is granted with the following restrictions:
  • You shall have no expectation of privacy for personal data stored or accessed on university owned hardware.
  • IT Personnel may not have the resources to back-up or transfer personal data during an equipment change.
  • Upon ending your employment with the university you may not be given opportunity to access personal data stored on university hardware.

Given these restrictions it is highly recommended that you:
  • Use personally owned external storage media (such as an external Hard Drive, USB “thumb drive” or cloud storage) for storing personal data.
  • Keep an updated backup of any personal data stored on university hardware using personally owned external storage media.

Personal data includes but is not limited to such items as personal records or documents, personal photos, personal videos and personal music collections. Some work product may also be considered personal work. If you have any question as to whether a particular data item is personal or work product, please consult with your supervisor, department head or Dean for guidance.

Policy Effective: 12/14/2011
Reviewed by Matt Perreault 7/30/2013