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Network Data Storage Policy

University network storage provides high availability, redundant, and disaster recovery protection for critical university data. Due to the cost of this type of storage, the use of network storage drives should be limited to active business data and critical archival data only. Historical data or non-critical archive should be stored on external storage media or optical archival media and these media should be stored/secured in accordance with the procedures for that data in your department.


Personal data, including multimedia collections should not be stored on University Network Storage drives. Photo repositories which are actively in use and contain current content are permitted. Rendered or completed post-production video may be stored on Network Storage Drives provided it is compressed to the most efficient level for the quality required. Raw, unedited and unprocessed video should not be stored on Network Storage Drives.

Laptop Usage

If you transport university data off of Network Storage Drives via your laptop or removable/external media, be sure to employ an appropriate encryption technology to protect any confidential or PII data. Please also refer to Policy:

*This policy is not exclusive to mapped network "Drives" and applies to all network storage volumes.

Policy Effective: 12/14/2011
Reviewed by Steven Quirk 10/3/13