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Course Engagement Form

What is this for?
Faculty, Concordia is implementing a new “early warning” system to help us identify when a student needs some extra intervention early on in the semester. Without this reporting system, we are likely to miss key opportunities to connect struggling students with campus resources. Waiting until after they have already failed a class, or several classes is too late. Pursuing a college degree is a tremendous commitment of time, money, and resources for every student and their family. Please help us in this effort to intervene with struggling students early in the semester so we can help increase their chances of succeeding and completing their college degree at Concordia University.

When should these be completed?
Please check the appropriate box for each student in your class, and then hit “Submit”. You will receive this request to report on classroom engagement 2 -3 times per term depending on the length of the course.

How will it be used?
The Academic Advisors will review the classroom engagement information submitted by each faculty member, and then use that information to help struggling or non-attending students to consider various options, such as dropping/withdrawing from a class, reevaluating their major, seeking tutoring or other services through the Academic Resource Center, bringing concerns to the CARE Team, working with Disability Support Services, utilizing counseling resources, etc. We feel confident that this early reporting information will significantly impact student success and retention at CU. Thank you for your participation and support!

Completing the Form

1. Navigate to http://portal.cu-portland.edu/intranet/course_engagement_report
student engagement 1.png

2. Enter your Network Username and Password. (The same credentials you use for accessing email, Blackboard, etc.)

3. Select your course from the drop-down list.
student engagement 2 revised.png

The list of students will auto-populate based on enrollment details in Banner. If a student is missing from this list, please contact the Registrar at registrar@cu-portland.edu.

4. For each student in the listed course, select one or more of the relevant concerns. Please use the context boxes to give as much details and context as possible. If no concerns exist for a student, leave blank.

  • Never Attended – If selected, no other options are presented.

  • Missed Classes - if selected, a text box is provided to add context

  • Missed Assignments - if selected, a text box is provided to add context

  • Engagement Concerns - if selected, a text box is provided to add context

  • No Follow-Up Necessary – if selected, faculty has already addressed the issue with student and no further follow-up is needed.

  • No Longer Attending - if selected, provide the last date of attendance. This response will trigger an email notification to Registrar and Financial Aid.


5. Click "Submit" when you are ready

6. If you need to return to fill out the form for other classes, click the "Continue" button, select the other course, and fill out the form again.
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