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SmartEvals Course Assessments

SmartEvals is the university’s web-based course assessment software. It has replaced our home grown ICA system. SmartEvals is loaded nightly with current course sections, their instructors, and the associated registered students. Near the end of each course section, every student will receive an email reminding them to complete the survey for that class. If they are Blackboard users, there will be a Course Assessment block visible on the landing page when they log in. They can either link to the survey directly from the email, or from this block on Blackboard. The survey appears in a typical format similar to Survey Monkey or Qualtrics. It ends with a “Submit” button. The student doesn’t have access to any other functionality.

Instructors see a different email and can log into the system from a link at the bottom. They have access to some aggregate survey data. Certain instructors will also receive a PDF formatted report with survey results for their courses.


Course assessments provide faculty, department heads, and deans with anonymous feedback from students on their experiences in a course. Information for course assessments is used to improve the overall teaching and learning experience for Concordia’s students

Technology Resources

University Analytics, Research and Assessment owns SmartEvals. ATS owns the Banner queries that feed the system.


I received an email from CourseEvals@cu-portland.edu. Is it safe to click on the links inside?
Yes. You are enrolled in a course that has a course assessment associated with it. The link will take you to a website where you can complete the survey.

I received a request to complete a survey from someone called SmartEvals. Who is this from?
We are using a course assessment survey system provided by SmartEvals. You should see that Concordia University - Portland is also shown on the webpage. We encourage you to complete your course assessment. Your responses will help Concordia improve the educational-experience of all students.

My class ended weeks ago. Why am I getting this survey now?
Some of our courses did not issue surveys at the optimal time. The surveys are anonymous and you can safely complete them. We value your participation and request that you complete the survey.

There were only a few people in my class. Do I need to worry that my instructor will see my responses before they grade me?
Instructors are unable to see who responded to their course surveys. For small classes, the instructor will not receive responses at all. But it is still important for you to complete the survey so Concordia can use the information to improve the education experience.

I took my survey from a link in Blackboard. Why am I also getting an email that says I have not completed the survey?
Every course survey requested from Blackboard will also result in an email with a link to take the survey. The email is sent first, so if you take the survey in Blackboard, the email will not reflect the survey status. However, when you click through to the survey from the email, the system will confirm that you have already completed the survey.

When I click the link in the email (or Blackboard) the screen has a button that says “click if you dropped”. Will this button drop me from the class?
If you have, or soon will be completing the class, click the button on the left that says “Evaluate” to take your survey. The button on the right should only be used if you have already formally dropped the class. Clicking this button will not drop you from the class.

I don't recognize the name of the class shown on my survey. How do I know what class it is for?
The survey title may have a generic name for your course. You can review the subject and course number code for reference. We are working to improve the course titles that appear in SmartEvals.


If you are an instructor or student who is having issues with your course assessments, please contact our Course Evaluation Support team at courseevals@cu-portland.edu .