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Connecting to Printers

In this article, we will learn how to connect to the various printers on Campus.

Please note: In order for printing to function, you must first have the PaperCut Client up and running. Instructions can be found on the PaperCut Article.

1.To connect to a printer on the new print server, open your Start menu and type \\print for the Portland campus, or \\law-print for Boise campus. This will connect you to our print server.
connecting to printer 1.PNG

Note: if you are attempting to connect on a personal computer, you will be prompter for your network username and password. Enter that information as so NTDOM\[username} then your password.

2. The list of printers that you can connect to will appear. Double click the name of the printer you would like to connect to.
connecting to printer 2.PNG

If you still aren't sure which printer to print to, if you hover your mouse over a highlighted printer name (shown below) it will tell what the former name of the printer was on the old server.

You will see the below message about installation. Once the window disappears, the printer will be available for use!

Video Instructions

Prefer a more guided tour? View the video below:


Having issues connecting to a printer or have questions? Contact the Tech Center at support@cu-portland.edu.


Now that you've learned how to connect to a printer, we will go over how to print using PaperCut.