In this article, we will go over how to connect to the Virtual Desktop on a Windows computer, please use the steps below to configure.


1. You must download the VMWare Horizon View Client.

For Off Campus Users- Click this link https://vdi.cu-portland.edu
For On Campus or VPN Connection Users- Click this link https://vdi.ntdom.cupdx/

If you get an error message about the certificate or site not being trusted, select an option to proceed anyway.

2. Select the Install VMWare Horizon View Client button from the page that appears.
vdi 1.png

3. On the next page, select the "Go to Downloads" button next to the version of the operation system you are running (32 or 64 bit). If you are unsure which version to select, visit the link here to find out how.
vdi 2.png

After that, click on the Download button to download the client .Then, run the installer.
vdi 3.png

Installing Client

4. Run through the program installation like you would any piece of software. Agree to the term and select install location.

5. When asked for Default View Connection Server input: vdi.cu-portland.edu (off campus) or vdi.ntdom.cupdx (on campus) and choose defaults for all other questions.
VDI install.PNG

6. Reboot the computer when prompted

Configuring Client

7.Launch the VMWare View client and double-click the appropriate server based on your location: vdi.ntdom.cupdx (on campus) or vdi.cu-portland.edu (off-campus).
vdi 4.png

8. You may receive a pop up that the client cannot verify the identity of the server, if this happens, click Continue to proceed.
VDI install 2.PNG

10. At the login screen enter your Concordia University network credentials (same as Blackboard). Click Login when ready to connect.
vdi 5.png

If you receive another pop up like in step 8, click continue.

11. At the next screen choose the desktop name of the desktop you wish to log in and double-click it to connect. After a few moment of you are now in your own virtual desktop!
vdi 6.pngvdi 6.png


When you are done using the virtual desktop please make sure you log off! Closing the window is not enough. If you need help with that, please review the article here.


If you are having problems installing or connecting to the virtual desktop, please contact the Tech Center via email at support@cu-portland.edu.