SAP is an inter-enterprise software company that developed a product with the assistance of the CSU, Chico College of Business, to teach students how technology can enable integrate business processed and strategic thinking. Many other colleges have joined into SAP with the assistance of Chico. Concordia University Portland's School of Management has joined the SAP Academic Alliance for Spring 2014. In this article we will learn how to download, install, and connect to the program based portion of SAP.

Download and Install

The software will be included in the Concordia computer labs for Spring 2014, but should you wish to have access on your personal computer follow the steps below to download and install.

1.To access the download for the program, click here. You will be asked for a username and password, enter the information provided to you by your instructor.

2. Choose your installer based on the following:
Windows Users = download the Lightweight SAP GUI 730 C2
Mac Users = download the SAP GUI Java Installer
sap 1 fixed.png

3. Navigate to your downloads folder and double click the installer.
sap 2.png

4. You may receive a security warning, click Run and the file will start extracting.

5 The installer will now launch, follow the on screen instructions to install. Make sure to check the box next to SAPGUI_730c2_Lite
sap 3.png

6. Once the program has finished installing, you should have an icon appear on your desktop.

Launching the Program and Connecting

Now that you have access to the program, either on your personal computer or in the lab, use the following steps to connect to the program and subsequent servers.

1. Locate the shortcut or location of the program and double-click it to launch.
sap 4.png

2. Once the program opens it should connect automatically showing you a list of available servers.
sap 5.png


If after the above step, you do not see the servers, make sure the configuration file is set to http://worker.cob.csuchico.edu/hostsaplogon/SapLogonTree.xml. This is the default. To do that, follow the steps below:

1. Click on the button above where it says Logon and select Options…
sap 6.png

2. Under options select SAP Log On Options>Server Configuration File and verify your settings match the picture below.
sap 7.png


To connect simply double click on the server you would like access to. Enter your user name and password when prompted then click on the green arrow to connect. Your username and password will be provided to you by your professor at the start of the term.
sap 8.png


For support on access to your username and password or for how to use the program once you have connected please contact your instructor.

Created by Steven Quirk 12/16/13