Any Concordia Staff, Faculty, Student, or Community Member has the right to access our wireless network using an iOS device. Follow the steps below to connect.

Connection Steps

1. Navigate to Settings>Wi-Fi on your iOS device. Then select the desired network from the list below.
ios wifi 1.PNGios wifi 2.PNG

2. When connecting to Campus14 or Student14, enter the password when prompted, then click Join. After a few seconds you will be connected and ready to surf the internet!
ios wifi 3.PNG

If you are not sure what the password is, please follow the steps here.

If selecting Guest you will not be prompted for a password. Once connected, you must open up a web-browser, accept the terms of use, then you will able to connect to the internet.


If you are having issues connecting to a network, it is likely that your device is stuck trying to connect to the Guest network. The easiest way to resolve that problem is to tell your phone to forget the network. To do that, follow the steps below:

Navigate to Settings>Wi-Fi on your iOS Devices, then click on the "i" listed next to the network you are currently connected to (most likely Guest). Select Forget this Network, then confirm by clicking Forget on the window that pops up.
ios forget 1.PNGios forget 2.PNGios forget 3.PNG

Your devices has now successfully forgot the network is was connected to. Try connecting to the new network and see if you have internet.


Should the above troubleshooting fail you, or you are having a hard time connecting your device, please contact the Tech Center at to schedule a time to bring your device in for troubleshooting.

Created by Steven Quirk 9/30/13