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Concordia Accounts

Concordia University employs various account access for all employees, students, and some contractors. What account access you will have varies by your affiliation with the University. The two links below will describe the basics of who will have access to what. For more detailed information on processes within these system, please check the articles below using the table of contents.

Network Account, MyCU and MyProfile Explained
IT Process for New Employees

MyProfile Account Center

MyProfile serves as your portal for access to all account information. Please review the articles below for information and training related to MyProfile.
Basics of MyProfile
Linking Banner IDs in MyProfile
Using MyProfile to Retrieve Account Information
Password Resets in MyProfile

Network Account and Blackboard

Your Network Account serves as your access to Concordia email, intranet access, and computer logons. The articles below outline helpful information pertaining to your account.
Activating your Network Account
Changing Your Network Password
Finding your Course Evaluations


MyCU contains confidential information and thus uses a separate log on system than your network account. To learn more, review the articles below.
Checking your Grades in MyCU
Checking your class schedule in MyCU
Emailing Students from MyCU
Entering Grades in MyCU
How to Sign into MyCU
Making Online Payments with CashNET
MyCU Overview
Set your preferred email address in MyCU
Viewing your Academic Transcripts