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Concordia Data Encryption Policy

To remain compliant with FERPA, no Concordia University employee, partner, vendor or any party with the responsibility to handle data that is considered sensitive or contains PII will transport that data without the use of encryption.

It is acceptable to encrypt data files individually or to store unencrypted data files on encrypted storage volumes.

Microsoft and Adobe offer natively available methods for encrypting individual data files such as Word, Excel and PDF documents. More information on these methods is available in the links below.

How to Encrypt a Word or Excel Document With a Password
How to Encrypt a PDF with a Password

Disk Partition and Volume level encryption with tools such as TrueCrypt are acceptable for fixed and removable media. For assistance with disk encryption, please contact the Tech Center at support@cu-portland.edu.

Effective 11/1/2009
Reviewed 11/20/2014 (B. Metzler)